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Fee for Introductory Unit is $330.

This is a 40 hour unit designed to introduce the experience of pastoral care, and the nature, scope and philosophy of CPE. It includes a placement visitation and the preparation of a presentation to the supervised peer group. People wishing to do a full Basic unit are required to do an Introductory unit first.   read more…..

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 Fee for Basic Unit is $1300

This is a 400 hour unit. The hours are made up of approximately 80 hours of group work, 10 hours of individual supervision, at least 150 hours placement visiting, plus reading and the preparation of presentations for supervision.

Basic units are offered in an extended form with weekly groups from May to November, usually excluding school holidays, as well as in an intensive form (full time) over 10 weeks during summer (December to February). On some occasions times for extended units are varied to suit particular conditions. read more…..

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